RSS games resource en-us Cook Until Done You are going to cook the food based on the customer s instruction Make sure you follow what they want they will be judging your cooking later on br Oreo Extreme Creme Help control the creme production on the planet Emerc Pipe by pipe build the longest pipeline before the creme bits br pour out br Sale Shopping Manulea loves to shop the sales There are deals where she can save up to 70 br Valentines Heart Sneak Help the valentines lover to collect all the love and all the hearts br Marvin the Martian s Jet Pack Getaway Use the least amount of fuel to get where you want to go or lose br Flip Flop Candy Shop Its a candy-matching madness game Flip flop the candies by matching three or more of the same type br Intruders In The Park Shoot people with toy guns kick garbage cans over and more br IceScape 2 Move through the game as you explore the ice covered environment and try not to die or get to scared br Mine Car Mayhem The object of the game is to get as far as you can into the mine without crashing br Sort My Tiles Geris Geris the old man from the movie Up br Star Magic The goal of the game is to link three or more of the same color stars together br Joking Apart Video Poker A flash video poker game br Rocket Rush Fly high and destroy all your enemies br Cat and Mouse A defend you master food against this good for nothing stealing mice br Pacman Classic pacman game br Kingdom of Gold Stand on switches to open gates as you jump over openings and try to avoid spikes br Street Fighter Alpha Fight head to head with your opponent in this flash version of street fighter game br Simple Tower Defense Another tower defense game for your enjoyment Small map but it can last a while br Looney Lagoon Sink your opponents rafts before he sinks yours br Dragon Wizard Fly through the air and kill the flying creatures br Casper s Haunted Christmas Help Casper stop his three uncles from scaring your friend Holly Try to find and use an object that seems to prevent one of the ghosts from appearing br Ozzy Drix - Mucus Madness Hector s nose is being invaded by bacteria and allergent Use Drix to evaporate them before Hector gets sick br Pink Butterfly Dress up Help this lovely butterfly girl choose the nicest robe br Spike Boy Run around in this sidescroller grabbing candy and spinning your yo-yo at monsters Rescue children br Sahara The Objective Surrounded by explosives and a bomb that reads 2 minutes until detonation the fate of the world lies on your hand Disable the bomb or the explosion will produce a pollutant that will travel down the Niger River and eventually cause a form of marine can Oggy s Whack Use your hammer to whack all the cockroaches br Design Diva 2 Now it s your chance to be a design diva Change the colors and fabrics of the clothes and make your own collection br Triatlon Compete to three different types sports contest and do your best br Urban Wizard Slay or shoot down all the evil warlocks that are trying to kill you Everytime you finished an opponent a new one seems to fall down from the sky The background music will put you in the right mood br Spell Blazer An amazingly polished RPG with great graphics and gameplay Battles done with bejewel-like fighting br The Magic Feather This cute little bird wants you to dress him up You have tons of accessories to put on him br Jemima Dressup Jemima needs your help She needs a beautiful dress for the spring Can you choose a dress for her br Sim Girl Have a go at the online dating world in this Sim girl game Try to Get a girlfriend within 100 days br Blueshift An awesome side-scrolling shooter Grab some powerups and start blasting br Mind Feed This quiz will reveal your past and predict your future In the meantime though you may become paranoid br Dirt Bike 2 Ride your bike with a challenging obstacle and try to complete the levels at the br shortest time without fall of your bike br Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout Collect points while finishing each track as fast as you can Run over Pebbles cereal icons to increase score Avoid too much damage of your sled from the obstacles or you will lose Enjoy br Lamarr Is Going Home You are Lamarr from Half-Life 2 Jump over obstacles and enemies as you stay alive br More Beer Use pipes to connect the top of the kegs to the bar The more you use the more points you get each second Once the keg is empty the pipes will collapse Watch the timer Unless you keep the beer coming the game will end br Shop N Dress Word Catch Test your Christmas typing skills so can shop till you drop br Party Pals Help Licorice jump up and unwrap the party gifts Help Coconut catch the goodies falling from the gift boxes Simply mouse-over Coconut or Licorice to make them jump Avoid stinging bees and rocks br Happy Tree Friends - Easter Smoochie Send this Easter card to your friends and enjoy a happy Easter in the Happy Tree Friend way br Egg Break Smash the speeding eggs br Tubby s Big Adventure Guide Tubby through the different regions and grab all the junk food avoiding the enemies br Air Shooter This nice and addictive game requires all you skills and attention Though the task is rather simple br Swine Flu Swine Flu has spread its wings and the swine face a grave challenge to survive Isolate the non-infected swine within given time duration from the farm without making contact with the infected swine Remember Flu spreads through the contact with the infe Bridge Bomber Bus Drive around in your bus shoot rockets at pedestrians helicopters and tanks br Pick up Candy Use the mouse to pick up candy along the way Clicking the mouse lets you jump and avoid falling br Fancy Pants Adventure br Cody Shop This pretty young lady has a lot of beautiful dresses to transform her into a total beauty Have fun dressing her up br Lovely Gowns Long dresses are really comfy it s true but at night they also look fab for a special event In a long dress we look like the queen of the party br Bomb Bandits Neutralize bombs and don rsquo t blow up Snake-style game br