RSS games resource en-us Minnie s Dinner Party In this game you need to help Minnie organize a dinner party You ll do different tasks like mixing liquid ingredients frying burgers etc When you re done with one of the tasks your guests other Disney characters will give you marks You need to have Hotseat Gunner Can you destroy the robot before he turns his laser beam on you Shoot around the obstacles to hit the robot If you take too long he will fry you br Volley Pollo It s time a play a little chicken volleyball with Pollo and his friend The naughty little birds that they are - they re using an egg instead of a ball Head the egg to the other side of the net and make sure Pollo catches it when it comes back to him br Arcane Castle The castle is under attack Use your magic spells and athletics to save the castle You learn more spells as you go so the game feels different after a few levels br Naval Fighter Pick the power armor and speed of your plane and get shooting machine guns and dropping torpedoes br Jungle Fairy Tita Fairy Tita lives in the jungle and helps the lost little animals find their way home Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy br Puzzle Freak This game is like monopoly but with puzzles in each turn which adds more excitement to the game Its like a collection of different games but you have to solve each game as fast as you can to earn more IQ points which will make you win at the end of the b Spring Shop With spring comes happiness and wonderful light colors and short dresses Either way when spring arrives we win br Ninjya Throw your Chinese stars at all the enemies that have surrounded you Larger enemies appear later br The Size of a Modern Style This is the size of a modern style fashion br Share The Food Share the food so that there is the same number of items on both trays br OJ Master Thief Flash Game OJ Master Thief Flash Game Description Sneak around snagging all your football loot back Don t be seen by others walking around br I Am Sweet Dressup She s cute and sweet Select also a cute dress for her br Alien Mayhem Space State XII has reported some strange happenings You are investigating the reports just as you are attacked by aliens It s up to you to stop the aliens before they take over the world br The Incredibles Mega Memory Match alike cards before the time runs out to move to the next level br Paint The Princess Choose the Little Mermaid or Jasmine Paint them as you would like br The Gladiator Destroy all Challengers and become the Gladiator Champion br RayRay Your goal here is to try all the RayRay stand Click on them to stand but its not that easy because you will have to try various moves to make them all stand You may also choose game difficulty br Last Year s Left Over The food has gone bad Stomp on it before you start puking br Water Werks With an unlimited supply of water you must spray objects to guide the blobs into their containers Save a certain number of blobs to complete each level 2008 Fashion 2008 Fashion The new sobriety in fashion demands that for Spring Summer 2008 the midriff be covered but expect to show a bit more leg br Casual Dressup Dressing up in casual attires has never been this fun with different beautiful casual clothes to choose from Have fun br The Strangers A good sniper game that has good graphics and multiple sniper positions to switch to br Zombie Arena Zombie Arena is an addictive shoot em up with loads of upgrades and of course Zombies See if you can rack up enough kills to get on the high scores br Ocean Traders Move from place to place with your sailing ship selling and buying goods trying to gain money br Swag Break into people s houses to loot their jewelry and other precious items br strong br This game is a large file and will take a long while to load 7 86 Megabytes strong br Shark Attack Oh no Some drunken tourists have slipped off deck and are floating around helplessly waiting to be rescued br br Use the wind to sail the rescue ship around the rocks to save them before the Great White Shark attacks you br Project Validus How Long can you survive Kill all the Zombies with your weapon to survive br Hack Attack Hack Attack puts you at a series of virtual golf driving ranges Just like a real driving range your goal is to pummel the ball-retrieval cart until it no longer moves You only have a limited number of balls so shoot carefully br Terrace Escape While playing in terrace you are trapped there You will have to escape from the place by using objects which are present there br Maximal Skateboard You must to jump or move left and right to dodge the hindrance Collect all the stuffs as much as possible br Peppy s Fergie Dress Up Help her get dress up and groove with her humps br Joy Story Set up a nice dining table and food for these lovers br Snowboard Makeover She needs your help with choosing a suitable outfit for snowboarding br Sloyd Get the dots into the appropriate place br Valentines Heart Sneak Help the valentines lover to collect all the love and all the hearts br Cop Shoot Almost like a police training game You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies br Nicole Kidman Makeover Give Nicole the rightful makeover br Hover Havoc There are two game modes in this game Posses take a long hold to ball or Destroy Try to destroy the rotating around you br Arcane Online Mystery Serial -The Stone Circle Episode 2 Episode 2 of the mystery br Girl Dressup 10 Design the perfect sweet look for girls br Radio Rampage It s a vertical scrolling racing game where you have to drive a radio controlled Pickup truck br Mood Match try to find matching faces and remove them from the game br How to Make Apple Cake Apple cake is a popular dessert produced with the main ingredient of apples Such a cake is made through the process of slicing this sweet fruit to add fragrance to a plain cake base Traditional apple cakes go a step further by including various spices s Smack the Wabbit Smack the Wabbit br Against the Virus Try to defeat the attacking viruses in this funny 3D defense game br Maze Game - Game Play 8 Help the treasure hunter to navigate through the maze Collect objects in the path that will help you to get the treasure br Guitar Girl Dressup She s on to take the stage tonight Dress her up in a nice rock style get up br Turtle Flight Help the turtle reach his spaceship Collect all the flowers to complete each level remember to refuel on time and try to collect extra lives on the way Avoid collisions with other objects or you will lose a life br Demolition Dude Use your slingshot to launch the demolition dude at the objects in each level Cause the target amount of damage to progress Whack Your Ex Relieve stress without harming a soul Cheaper and funner than therapy br Peppy s Jessica Simpson Dress Up Help her get ready for her date with Tony Romo br