RSS games resource en-us Stickicide 3 Try to kill your stick figure as many times as possible and score the points for all of the deaths br Kebab Shoot A side view action game with Kebab zombies you must blow away br Rumble Ball Field 1 Break boxes and collect beads by striking the ball br Dragon Ball 3 You are Goku a world martial arts champion You must destroy the ships from the army of the red tape br Demonic Defence 4 Defend your castle against attack this 4th version of Demonic Defense series have a new features more options and more units br Breakdown Clear all the bricks br Mindfields 2 Carefully guide your tank through the combat zone The enemy has taken up strategic positions on the battlefield so it is up to you to outsmart them br br At the right angle of approach you ll be able to take the enemy out before the Harry Potter Galleon Shoot the jewels at the others getting them all to disappear before they drop low enough to hit you br Lights Control the white light and collect the green lights without touching the red light Good luck br Doris Punk Girl Dressup Help Doris a nice funky dress that looks good on her Add necessary accessories to pimp her up br Smokin Barrels Shoot down all the cowboys in the old west br Cookie Baker Find the exact mold of the cookies br Oriental Dressup Are you familiar with Oriental Culture What do you know about it This collection took the inspiration from Japanese Dresses with Japanese Stylized traditional Dresses and long twisted bun in hairdo br ZooKeeper Same as Bejeweled But this time you use animal faces instead br Dress Up Teen Stacey Stacy is heading out to party Go through her closet and choose is she s going wear tonight br Pacco Guide Pacco through the maze and collect all the coins Make sure you do not run into any monsters on your way br br It all sounds pretty straight forward a little to straight forward actually The hard part is that Pacco can t take co Arcane Castle The castle is under attack Use your magic spells and athletics to save the castle You learn more spells as you go so the game feels different after a few levels br Fairy 40 Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy br How to Make Cheese Mostaccioli Bolognese A blend of Parmesan mozzarella and ricotta cheeses mixed with ground beef and sliced zucchini make our version of baked ziti a real winner br Crab Collection Use the crab to grab the food item which is at a greater depth The Deeper you go the higher is the priced food item that it grabs Utilize the given chances to score more Use the mouse to move the crab to the left and right br Plastic Christmas Place the tinsel on the tree so that it stays on for five seconds Light up as many Christmas ornaments as you can for bonus points Witch Ball A small and cute flash game in which you have to drag and launch witch balls in order to shoot all the witches off their broom sticks Every level will get more colors which make it more difficult br Western Blitzkrieg Aim and shoot in this sidescroller with nice graphics Watch out for those landmines br Destroy The World The alien world is being threatened by Earth That s why they are preparing attacks on Earth before humans wipe them out Help them destroy the Earth Choose your location and wreck havoc Catch shield repairs and laser super charge for boost br A Basketball Game Nice Basketball Shooting Score as many as you can br Bumper Jack This bumper jack game is a mix of a blackjack game and a pinball machine The best part of bumper jack is that you play with 4 rows at once making this game very interesting and full of action Try to make combinations that have a total of 21 points no Perfect Look Be as pretty as possible for your special date Use the mouse to choose the make up eyebrows eye shadows etc br Strategy Defense 4 Prepare for the war as you build units against the computer This is going to get insane br Tobby Fishing Catch golden fishes with a shovel of rice paper Be careful because the shovel will dissolve as it gets wet br The Bank of Jasper The town bank is being robbed Shoot the robbers before they shoot you br School Uniform for Girls What do you think about your school uniform There are lots of uniform here that are designed for you school girls Dress up this little girl and let me know what you think br Mold Pick the right mold for the cookies br Head Of God Put Zindadil Zha s head to good use br Defend your Keg You have the last keg on earth Can you defend it from all the THIRSTY BASTARDS br Free The Pharaoh Escape by sliding the pharoah tombs around to make a path for the red boxed one br Cat Bowling 2 In this funny mixture of bowling dodgeball and space invaders br Shopping Girl Dressup 2 Design a fabulous outfit for shopping for this lovely lady br Supergirl Dress-Up 2 Can you help Super girl to wear different kinds of Marvel heroes costumes br Dream Dancer Dressup Choose one of these fabulous costumes for the dancer br 3 Point Shootout Game Show your shooting skills and as much basket as you can before the time runs out br Ally the Alien Help Ally fto find his friend on this dangerous adventure filled with complicated obstacles in outer space Collect all 5 crystals and you get 1 extra life br Orange Josh in Crazy Rides Drive away Pick the Candies and avoid the bombs Go pass through the Green light for speed and avoid the Red ones as they slow you down br Crazy Amphi Throw stuffs to people who are not listening amphi br Escape The Orange Room Your captors are insidious Orange is the color that I fear most Fortunately this room has more stuff than usual And the shoes are my size br Urban Kid Go to the streets and show them the Urban fashion br Bratz Babyz Ponyz Styling Choose your pony and give him a makeover Every Ponyz needs a styling makeover just before the big show and you are the stylist Pick your favorite Ponyz and let the fun begin br Wood Carving Simpson Carve Homer s face in a piece of wood br Burger Man Super Size Me Like Pacman but its Burger man Collect burgers shakes and fries for points br Endless Tournament Get ready for a one-on-one shoot out with your opponent br Dancing Madeline Dress Up Get Madeline dolled up in some dancing gear br Aengie Quest Help Aengie get to the exit on each level by using the keys and pushing the boxes br Hobbit Rampage Nice flash game wherein you collect coins while venturing the world br