RSS games resource en-us Dress Up Bride The bride is not yet ready for the wedding Help her dress up by choosing the best gown and the bouquets as well as the earrings and necklaces Have fun br Frost Garden Freeze all of these invaders of your garden br Mold Pick the right mold for the cookies br Glossy Summer Fashions Look hot and sexy this summer with fun flirty makeup br Tetris Play the classic game of Tetris br Wild Pistol Shoot your enemy as quick and accurate as you can before they shoot you good br luck and have fun br Terrace Escape While playing in terrace you are trapped there You will have to escape from the place by using objects which are present there br Mini Naruto Dress Up A mini naruto flash game where the model girls are hinata temari and sakura All the dressing stuffs are so cool and real as in the naruto anime Try out this naruto dress game br Donnie s Superfly Game Help Donnie from the Wild Thornberrys catch and eat some flies br First Date Fashion Its their first date together and they really want to make a great impression on one another Can you help them look like the perfect couple br Fat Pol Poor Fat Pol He was abducted and had all sorts of vile experiments performed on him Help him elude his cruel captors and escape from them once and for all in this side scrolling game br Free Kicker You have 10 attempts to score a goal Use the mouse to place the player inside the zone for the kick Watch the wind direction before to kick br Lost Memory You wake up in a room unfamiliar to you The door is locked and the lights are out Use the items in the room to figure out how to escape br Sort My Tiles Peter Pan and Tinkerbell See how high in the sky can Peter Pan and Tinkerbell be br Squareman 2 Complete each map Early levels teach you what you can and can t do Nice platform jumper br Terrace Dressup See and be seen while enjoying your lunch on the terrace br Color Infection Infect all of the yellow balls with the brown virus Simply release balls so that the yellow ones come into contact with the brown ones Speed Shot Drive a fast Hyundai coup car and avoid the obstacles while trying to collect the artifacts You have several difficulty levels br Tomato Bounce Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad br The Evil Cockroach Wizard Help Carl collect the right color animals before time runs out to earn a bonus If Carl collects the wrong color it contaminates his whole bunch and he will have to start over Avoid the beastie runs into Carl he looses a chance Carl gets 3 chances per Dinner at Romeo s This game is very much like The Waitress or Diner Dash You are a waiter in a restaurant Clients come in You must sit them at a vacant table bring them a menu take the order and bring this order to them To sit a client drag him to the table you prefe Wishful Leap of the Ninja You re a leaf jumping ninja Jump on the leaves and get as high as possible br Tetri Tower Another stacking game based on the Box2D physics engine Build a record-breaking tower with the Tetris pieces that drop from the sky Acme Rocket Factory Help Wilie Coyote pack rockets for Acme br 60 Seconds Until Graduation Today is your graduation but your GPA is too low so you must collect good grades by flying into them and dodge and blast away bad grades Get above a 3 5 GPA before time runs out Good luck br Blasteroids Your objective is to destroy all the asteroids to advance to the next level br Super Goals Throw the soccer ball to your team in order that they get to score as many goals as they can br Escape From Clowncatraz Rescue clowns by picking them up inside the jail and launching them over the wall into the waiting laundry van br Bomb It 2 Y8 Kizi Friv 2 Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It br Neo Orb Manipulate the orbs to navigate Space Chicken through the ancient temple Switch any orb on the board with any of the orbs from the column to the right by clicking both Rack up enough points before time is up to move on br Finger Footy Play Football with your fingers br Power Swing Swing and punch the baseball to the 2nd player or computer player to knock them off the mountain br Assault Part 3 Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base br Chibi Dress this cute little girl up br The Sea Of Glomp Your goal is to help that ugly fish to get its stolen egg back in this funny underwater game Good luck br I am Legend Pass the first somewhat boring level to get to zombie shooting Blow the zombies brains out br Shopping For New Year 2009 Shopping for New Year 2009 Today is the last day of 2008 tomorrow starts a new year 2009 New year what are new things in 2009 What has the New Year in store for us fashionistas Let check together the latest forecasts on trends and dress up style fo DisemWorld Something about kidnapped friends Whatever The important thing is you run around tiny planets and jump to other nearby planets Good thing you re wearing sneakers br Ninjotic Mayhem Throw Chinese stars at all the zombie enemies that keep coming Whip out a dagger and sword as well br Greghory s Assault Greghory s Elephant Boner Assault Sneak up on people and ram em br Deluxe Pool Play head to head with your friend in this nice graphic flash pool game br Puzzle Mania Sleeping Beauty Complete the puzzle of Sleeping Beauty br Sheepster Use your mouse to guide the cute fuzzy sheep through the air while listening to happy light music Jump on the apples to eat them and get points Jump on a cow for extra points There are difficulty bars that fall down every once in a while and they will Crazy Nut How high can you reach in this bouncy game br Winter Fashion Trend Winter shopping can be exhilarating New fashion trends new styles new colors br Millie Megavolte 6 - Millie and the Fallen Hero Part 6 of the action game series Millie Megavolte Millie and the Fallen Hero br Super Moto Bike Race around 3 different tracks on your motorcycle Reach checkpoints to gain more time br Table Hockey br Wiggi Dishwasher Dirty dishes Scrub away at those dishes br How to Make 1 Fish 2 Fish Learn how to make this seafood dish br Bratz Room Makeover Help these nice girls design their room br Tiki Island ou are shipwrecked on Tiki Island Keep the castaways drunk by mixing cocktails with the booze that br