RSS games resource en-us The Pirate Ship Creator Now you can become captain of a pirate ship but first you must create your destruction machine to become the fright of the 7 world of seas br Magical world s Little Friend Magical world s Little Friend Dress up this little girl who is a friend of all strange animals such as pink cats purple rabbits and mermaids in a magical world You will discover many interesting things in this game br Cookie Maker Help Sue make a cookies br Girl Butterfly Make Up Finish Naomi s Spring party look br Design Diva 2 Now it s your chance to be a design diva Change the colors and fabrics of the clothes and make your own collection br Splash You are the boss now get out there and hits the slackers with water bombs br Flames of Fury Play a Dragon facing human army vehicles br Leaf Blight A new type of puzzle game of the green variety br Pretty in Pink Dress Up Manon loves pink and has a piece of pink clothing for every occasion What will she wear today br Save Christmas I know its June but we still need to save Christmas from the attacking penguins br Mechanism 2 Cut platforms and wires to move your clock to the exit Complete each level with a limited number of cuts Sort My Tiles Power Ranger Go go Power Ranger and watch the Mega Zord save the day br Rapid Shot Play a game of Hockey Test your skill you may have what it takes br Snowboard Stunts You have three kickers ahead of you you have to jump at the right time to get as much air as possible and them perform various tricks to earn points br Sue The Hairdresser Help Sue style her Boyfriend br Contexture 2 Arrange the scramble pieces on the grid to form a contexture again br Huje Tower A physics-based construction game similar to World of Goo Stick creatures together to form a tower that exceeds the line in each level Escape Artist Escape the room via a secret hidden door whose pieces are hidden and scattered through out the room br Cake Factory Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake br Puppy Curling You have 4 attempts per round over 3 rounds to curl your puppy down the kitchen floor to target the most accurate curler wins br Super Dooper Dessert Deluxe Candy colors and plenty of whipped cream equals the dessert of your dreams br Minka Kelly Dress Up Minka Kelly was born in Los Angeles on June 24 1980 and it s really no surprise that she ended up in an industry in which entertaining others is the main purpose her father was a guitarist for Aerosmith and her mother was a Las Vegas showgirl It se St Nick The Quick Throw snowballs that the guys chasing Santa Don t let them catch up or pass him or it s game over br How to Make Double Tomato Bruschetta A delicious and easy appetizer The balsamic vinegar gives it a little bite Dried basil can be substituted but it is best with fresh br Imagicle Design crazy vehicles with the available tools to guide your selected character to the goal Similar to Fantastic Contraption Magic Tiles Adventure 40 levels of fitting the shape in the right spot as the level rotates Let the guy cross the map br Prison Throw Escape prison by firing yourself in a catapult and avoiding the guards You may also collect money and dynamites or missile remote You may use the remote to fire missiles at your desired target Good luck br Yeti Sports Hilarious golf game br Effing Hail Your objective in this interesting online game is to lay waste to a city by wielding your power over Effing Hail br Blobber Eat all balls that are smaller than you and go to the next level br Evening Gown Dressup Dress up this girl in the most beautiful evening dress of all br Sort My Tiles Monsters Inc Sort out the situations of the monsters in the dark br Cubed Switch between cubes with the corresponding numbers and try to reach the target in this puzzle platformer Complete each level as quickly as you can Mario Town No killing Mario enemies simply avoid them at all costs and stay alive Reach the other side br Lust for Bust Try to peep on the woman s boobs without getting caught br Pirate Blast The pirates are under attack of many colored bombs Defend the ship and arm the cannons Its time to shoot on those bombs before they hit the ship Buy upgrades and pickup power ups to gain more strength br The Chronicles of Stinky Bean Guide the stinky bean on his quest to retrieve the Deep Fried Gerbil under the Tree of Life Good luck with your new task br Hang Tight Move your team through the obstacle course without letting the rope between them break Keep close br Serious Santa Santa is angry and gets down to business Move Mr Claus and shoot your enemies in this Christmas action shooter game br Pink Closet Dressup She loves pink clothes Help her pick some from her closet br Duel Adventure An addictive card game br Strange Wedding Dresses You will see here strange and colorful wedding dresses White is not only color for wedding dress any more A glorious wedding dress will bring you a new colorful world a stylish bride and special wedding Which do you prefer for your wedding day orange CapriSun Chuck My enemies want my delicious juice No dice I will defend my CapriSun with a pantsload of eggs br World Cup Headers Compete against 31 other teams to taste sweet world cup glory Do you have what it takes to be the headers champ br br This game has been translated into ten languages br Peppy s Thandie Newton Dress Up A a BAFTA- and SAG Award-winning English 2 3 4 actress She has appeared in a number of successful British and American films including The Pursuit of Happiness Run Fat Boy Run Mission Impossible II and Crash br Toy Twister Catch falling toys with eddy s backpack Useless junk counts as itmes but will make you lose money Empty Eddy s backpack in the toy box The more toys you get in the backpack the more difficult it will be to stay balanced Dropping more toys in the toy Deducting Deductions Ready for a little detective work Good thing the victim is already dead Take your time Sherlock br Dead of Night Defend yourself against the nightly zombie onslaught Build defenses and traps upgrade and wait for nightfall Then start praying for morning br Colliderix Make the red and green objects touch blocks of the same color by removing the wooden platforms The faster you complete a level the more points you will receive Circus Pop 1 Player Flash Matching Game Mouse Skill Timing Game br Makeup Ashley Tisdale This is a cool make up game for a famous celebrity Ashley Tisdale br 3D Racing br