RSS games resource en-us Higher and Higher How high can you get under the different difficulty levels br Tetris Returns He again is hooked for this clasicazo In 1980 it has begun fever Tetris owing to founder Aleksei Pahitnov who has inspired in a popular puzzle named Pentamino br Totomi He builds totomi animals who could co-exist together He reaches the greatest possible punctuation br Bratz Kids Racing Starz Look for the yellow star and try to get there before your opponent br Wei Ziya Miss China 2007 Help get dress up and represent her country proud br Tankmen - Incursion Sidescroller shooting game with excellent high resolution graphics and a funky camera bobbing br Cinderella Online Coloring Bring the color to life of Cinderella br Earning Your Stripes Dress Up This girl need your help to dress up Lets try to dress up this girl br Tom and Jerry in What s the Catch Play as Tom or Jerry in this frantic chase game br Dress Up Rihanna Help her get glamor up to red carpet br Frog Race Jump over the obstacles and be the first at the end of the race br Flying Squirrel NG v 1 0 Jump around and grab as many points as possible before time runs out br Star Dominion Very advanced strategy game Create buildings to build your attacking vehicles Many levels br Danny Phantom Freak For All Make it through laser beams as Danny and the Phantom br Honey Bees Go make tons of honey to earn money br James Bomb This is a classic bomberman game with more exciting characters Avoid monsters while bombing walls to collect power-ups and earn points Good luck br iCarly iKissed Him First The girls are blowing kisses at Shane Make sure you only drag the right kisses or else Shane gets too confused and question makrs will appear all around him br Truth Battle Move around the map in this top down shooter Shoot the enemies and dodge their fire Grab pickups br Word Search Gameplay - 59 Find all words given on the right side of your screen br Beyonce Dress Up Sasha Fierce needs to dress up br Spring Doll Dress Up Prepare this girl for spring time br Paint The Princess Choose the Little Mermaid or Jasmine Paint them as you would like br Boxheaded Guide your boxhead character through 30 physics-based levels to collect diamonds in this puzzle platformer Raging Steel Move your tank around blowing the crap out of enemy vehicles and enemy watch towers br Peppy s Katie Price Dress Up a former English glamour model television personality magazine columnist writer singer and businesswoman Her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines She is married to singer Peter Andr with whom she has Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Paraoh Help Indiana Jones find the the lost treasure of Pharaoh but watch out for the booby traps set to stop you br Red Devil RPG 2 Walk through the house expolrer pick up items do quests and battle enemies br Kuba Scream into your megaphone at everybody Pickup ammo for your megaphone or your in trouble br Kwick Shot Try and hit the clays as they fly past You have 2 shots per pair of clays try not to miss br Butterfly Girl Dress Up Give this cute butterfly girl a nice look br Mary and Melissa Can you help this two cute little girl to choose their outfits br Casually Cropped Style Dressup Pick a casual or elegant dress and style for this cute woman br War Bears Nice Puzzle Game Try to save hostages br Koopa Avalanche Koopa is the turtle from Mario games In this game you need to help Koopa catch coins that fall from above and avoid spikes and bullets Bullets are shot horizontally and to avoid them you need to duck with the down arrow The horizontal movement is contr Kumakeshi Put the little bears into the boxes using just a few movements Watch in the left-inferior side of the screen the movements that you still have Each little bear will show you how many movements you made if you make click on him br Kid s Room 6 This kid needs some serious help Her room must be tidied up before her friends came in Help her up and have fun br Surrounded Your ship is surrounded with enemies and its fight fight for urvival br Rollercoaster Rush 15 levels of controlling a rollercoaster Don t go to fast or they fly off the track br Prince of War Play as Prince Vern and take command of your army of brave warriors Fight side by side with Captain Rield and Sergeant Pitt to drive the Orcs out of your lands br Cubesteak s Slingshot Surprise Knock as many pirates from their hiding spots as possible and rack up the highest score br Funny Tetris A new and fun game of tetris that includes kiddie characters you ll surely love br Sheep Jumper Guide the dog and jump over the sheep br Peppy s Angelina Jolie Dress Up Her Angelina to be hot and sexy for Brad c br The Dark Age The sunset will come and the power of the darkness will begin You must stop the ruination of the World by killing all Dark Warrior before the next sunrise br Magnet Face Use magnetism to pull crates over buttons to open doors and figure out other puzzles Collect cheese br Angel Land Dressup Dress up this lovely little angel just as you like br Bake Pancakes Cook the pancakes until they re gold on one side then flip them over and brown the other side Don t let them burn br Clay Pigeon Shooter Shoot the moving targets quickly and accurately from both the directions to move in advance levels and score highest points br Solitaire 2 The most played card game br Maximal Skateboard You must to jump or move left and right to dodge the hindrance Collect all the stuffs as much as possible br Sort My Tiles Asterix This comic strip needs to be sorted out correctly br Dominique This girl lives in Florida She loves to dress in a sporty style which is also comfortable to go out with her friends br