RSS games resource en-us Party Dress-up A beautiful collection of elegant gowns are about to amaze you in this cool dress up game Have fun choosing the best dress br Retardo and the Iron Golem Retardo is special but with your help he can finally get some Use your mouse to collect mushrooms and figure out how Retardo can make it through each scene alive br Faith Fighter Choose your belief and kick some ass in the world s greatest immortal combat br br Choose between 6 characters God from the old testament Jesus Buddha Budai a k a the laughing Buddha representing the Chinese folk religion Ganesha Muhammed pl Dare Devil Do the best tricks that you can on your bike br Mission Mid Winter Drop presents just right so that after falling they hit the right buildings they re suppose to br Hair Styling Choose different hair styles and dress for this lady br Garu s Getaway Help Garu get away from Pucca smash falling noodles by jumping on them and avoid falling hearts full of Pucca love along the way or else Garu will lose ninja power br Apple Attack The purpose is to defend the apple from the quot invaders quot - bugs and other nasty insects that crave for your apple To do this click at the insect with your mouse and be in hurry as they attack very quickly The game is online and absolutely free Sort My Tiles Pooh Piglet Tigger Three of the cutest disney character ever br Full Closet Doll Maker Full closet doll maker is the best dress up game Dressing up the doll and her make up and pick the best hairstyles in this full closet doll maker game br Habbo Hotel - Youth Club Manage a youth club inside Habbo Hotel br 20000 Feet And Falling Challenge the dare devil in you Jump in to the extreme sport of Sky Diving br Peppy s Barbara Streisand Dress Up Get our legendary singer actress thew perfect dress br Dream Day Wedding A romantic seek-and-find adventure featuring beautiful graphics and unique puzzle games Visit the florist gown shop bakery and other shops to make Jenny s wedding day a dream But be warned The challenging Wedding Crisis levels are sure to throw you Plastic Christmas Place the tinsel on the tree so that it stays on for five seconds Light up as many Christmas ornaments as you can for bonus points Jimmy and Timmy Power Hour 2 Co-Pilot Chaos First choose the game s difficulty level Secondly choose between Jimmy and Timmy one pilots the rocket the other fires weapons from th back seat Eliminate enemies to earn big stars and neutrons br Project Eddie Fine shoot-em-up Too bad it is so short br Perfect Hairstyle There are three levels and each level contains three steps in the game You should all do the best hairstyles for them You should get the highest score as soon as possible at every level br Girl Makeover 6 This very elegant looking lady is about to go out on a date Dress her up and have fun br Cheat Master Cheat off everyone in class But don t get caught by the naughty teacher br Brandy s Butterfly Catch Time it just right as you catch butterflies at just the right time to avoid other butterflies br Little Fat Ninja Your goal as a ninja is to collect the key to open the door by drawing the bounce energy field then taking a jump and grab the key as you head for the door There are also power-ups to collect so enjoy your adventures as a little fat ninja br Insurgo Put on your hard hat for this tower building game Connect pieces and see how tall you can make your structure before it collapses Motor Madness Speed thrills again in this fast paced super bike adventure Quench your thirst for speed unlock further tracks and be known as the champion br Razer Foods Fix the ingredients appropriately on each of the rows of the moving machine to make tasty burgers Use the mouse to take and fix the ingredients on the moving tray Try to fix the ingredients before time runs out If you have taken the wrong ingredient t Light Up Remove a limited number of bulbs to light up all of the transparent ones Levels get more challenging when blue bulbs are introduced March Madness You know their odds of this NCAA team in winning but can you find them on a map br Robots Attack Much like those side scrolling jet shooters but you are a robot shooting other robots br Rapid Rampage 2 Rapid Rampage rapid rampage If you like some frenzy action-packed summer fun with water slide then play Rapid Rampage This fast-paced upgrade game provides you a full-thrill ride as hell on funny floating tires and other rubber stuff Goal is to rea Soul Master Move Death and free the souls from the ten different hells delivering them to the tombstones before the time is up br Caveman Run Run over the hills as you jump over boulders and shoot the dinos with your stone bazooka br 30 Days Honey Mr Bee challenges you to collect money as much as you can in 50 days Build the bee houses plant the yard with flowers so the bee can make honey Make the bee lives happily by cleaning the house daily Make sure the flowers is enough for each house br Hillary vs Obama A quick match between Hillary and Obama Quickly punch them as many times as possible br Oversteer The basic goal is to race the tracks in the fastest possible time br Puzzle Bobble Awesome classic game Play with arrows and space bar br Arcane Castle The castle is under attack Use your magic spells and athletics to save the castle You learn more spells as you go so the game feels different after a few levels br Coconut s Day in the Park Help Coconut catch bones br The Blue Beanie Brave the bushes and brooks of the woods in search of your blue beanie br Know Your Tequilla Answer quiz questions and find out just how much you know about Tequila br Peppy s Angie Evarhart An American actress and former fashion model br Noah s Ark Put these lovely animals on Noah s Ark Keep balance and don t overturn it br Mean Girls Carb Invader Avoid eating to much carb and just try calories br Scooby Doo Castle Hassle Drop items on the ghosts while avoiding dropping anything on members of the gang as more appear br Naplus Shell Make her jump as far as you can to earn as much points as possible but do it before she sinks on the muddy grounds br Monkey Lander Navigate the monkey who is flying the spaceship br Bash the Computer Your computer error messages are annoying Now you have the chance to smash it Break your mouse keyboard screen and watch those sparks fly br Gemsonte Castle Trace over 3 or more blocks as you make the boy and girl blocks fall down and touch each other br Link s Adventure Welcome to your adventure You must first go find the bomb bag Now run and discover your destiny You must cross the through maze to get the spherule field To throw bomb press control key br Habbo Luvboat Move your boat around and collect Valentine items floating in the water br Shoe Shuffle In this game you ve got a job in a bowling alley sorting out shoes and they come at you fast and furious Shuffle the shoes on the shelf before they cover the counter br Stickman Sam 4 br Uni Day Dress Up Get Miranda ready for her first day at Uni br