RSS games resource en-us Cogitate Play 10 levels of puzzle that will stretch your grey matter br Fruit Twirls Group three or more the same fruits to eliminate them before they all fall down br Oblisk Take turns fighting your opponent and wear him down with attacks as you continue to heal yourself br Find the Objects Musium Find specific objects inside the musium br Sweet Match Defeat your enemy by simply drinking your juice br Recess Dodgeball Earn points by hitting passing items with your ball You need to score 100 points before time runs out to advance to the next level br Girl Emo Fashion She s out for a night fun and she likes to wear emo style dress with fashion Help her out br Rush Race Rush Race is a very cool mix of arcade shoot em up and racing game br Lamarr Is Going Home You are Lamarr from Half-Life 2 Jump over obstacles and enemies as you stay alive br The Mini Jump Game Run and jump into the MINI Convertible without hurting yourself too badly br Sony Armchair It s a Long Jump to the couch Can you beat the world record br Providence Fly your mech as you shoot the enemies in this sidescroller Dodge their fire for as long as you can br Lolita Fashion Girl Lolita is a fashion subculture that originated from Japan Help dress up this lolita girl before it is too late br Test Drive Drive your 4x4 through the platforms Jump fly activate the catapults and avoid the spines Pick up golden bonuses br Bounce Crusher Taking the concept of the Bit Crusher series and mixing in bounce physics destructible platforms and DS-style controls Bounce Crusher is a fun game for fans of games like Worms and Lemmings The Bits are a race of creatures with villages built undergrou Desert Strike Pilot an Apache and destroy all enemies in the desert br El Tomato Tornado Tomatoes can t hurt you the baddest wrestler in town el Tornado Or can they In this game dodge all the tomatoes you can or get K O ed br Army Swat Shoot the terrorists but watch out for them shooting back Although they are not very good shots they miss 50 of the time br Movie Star Live the life of a movie star by doing some interviews dressing designer clothes and posing for pictures br Word Search Gameplay - 15 Search all shapes that is given on the right side of your screen br Snipers Play as a trained officer in Snipers Take down the terrorists that have taken over several parts of the city Stay alive for the required amount of time and don t shoot any hostages br Super Mario 63 This awesome Super Mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not only advisable for Mario or Luigi fans Use the arrow keys Z X and C to explore the world Use your arrow keys to play this free online flash game br Girl Makeover 29 Click on her hair and shirt to make her look pretty Don t forget to use lipstick dress her with necklaces br The Emperors Runaway Cart Angle the jumps to switch to the right rail and not lose points or crash into gates br Super Mario Vetorial World Another game of Mario with a few levels Can you make it through each level alive br Casual Style Dress the usually you Cute and casual br Enlapiscina It s summer time and it s hot So you decide to go for a dip at the pool First you need to put on your swimsuit and matching sandals br Gem Mine Detonate the groups of 3 or more same gems The bigger the group the larger the bonus When you pop them everything above or around them collapses in on them Bonuses increase depending on how many gems you detonate Fit the end of every level the more The Basil Brush Gobbler Game Pacman style game with Basil Brush br Mk5 Prototype Helibot Mk5 is the latest in hoverbot technology But before it can go into service it must pass the rigorous training program Become Mk5 br Dawn of Heroes Select from the available superhero costumes masks and armor and create the perfect costume for your hero br Office Sneak Out In this game you need to sneak out of the office without being busted You need to get past the secretary and the rest of the staff You ll see lighter cones that will represent the view area of the people You must not step on these cones Get to the exi Puff s Skate Jam Help Puff find his way home to Suga Mama while dodging sidewalk obstacles and picking up delicious treats along the way br Fairy 26 What s not to love about fairies They have the magic power that we dream for the looks we envy and the wings that are not only accessories So bring on the magic power and give this fairy the look she deserves br Max Torque Drive around the racing track as fast as you can trying to beat your best time br Find the Pests Find out the hidden pests which are displayed on the grid To score more find all the pests in short duration To mute the sound press mute button br Hockey Suburban Goalie Protect the goal at all cost br Patapon Train and move your Patapon tribe through each level Destroy obstacles accumulate tribesmen and unlock rewards for yourself along the way Hurry up a Patapon festival celebration awaits br Get A Life A fun RPG game Get a job cash and build your stats br Crazy Crossings You control a Crossing Patrol Guard Lollipop Person who is tasked with helping kids cross the road to school br Space Girl Dress Up This is your chance to play in space Find a nice space suit for this girl Make sure he leaves a great impression with the aliens he might encounter on his journey br Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer Slay some boy scouts br Gubby s Leaf Collect Gubby is the nice dog protagonist in this platform game You will have to gather all the leafs of each screen to open the secret door br ZooKeeper Same as Bejeweled But this time you use animal faces instead br Formal Dresses Don t know what type of formal dress to wear Then play this game and decide for yourself br Mechablaster Shoot down all enemies and stay alive for as long as possible Collect icons to get the bonuses br Blue House Spring Dressup Help the girl get a fresh spring look br Doctor A Tom This is yet another chain reaction game Click on a molecule and it will break down to atoms which themselves will break down other molecules on impact The goal of every level is to disintegrate a specific number of molecules with a specific number of c Santa Snowboards You have to make Santa Claus reaches the farther away possible mounted onto his Snowboard br Trendy Girl This girl has got the coolest clothings this season Which one is your favorite Enjoy br Chinese Lemon Chicken Help Abuela cook her delicious dish br Monsters Of Rock Become a Rockstar hero Grab your guitar and lets get it on br